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Andrew Roth Mini Biography:

Andrew Roth started playing the drums for a band called “Random” at age 9. Random recorded 2 albums and Andrew was playing up and down Sunset Blvd at Whisky a Go Go (played with “Zebrahead”) Coconut Teaszer, the Rainbow Room, The Roxy, etc. Random also played with “The Calling” & “Ashlee Simpson” at The Knitting Factory and performed at other Hollywood venues, the largest venue being The Palace. By the time he was 12 yrs old he had been on 4 tours and played in 6 States.

At 13 Andrew started his own band, Sofa Kingdom, where he wrote songs, sang, and switched to the guitar. Sofa Kingdom recorded 2 EP’s. During that time Andrew also had the opportunity to take part in the KLUC Superstar Show at “The Joint” inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. There he played for Grammy Award winning producers and got excellent feedback.

When he was 14 he started a band called This Fall. They played at various Los Angeles venues where they were on the bill with “Death by Stereo” at Whisky a go go and other local bands of the day. They had a big local following and were recording a demo with a Producer from The Schecter Guitar Company. This Fall recorded 2 songs “One More Night Fall” and “Shotgun Shells”. At this time he also had the opportunity to attend Power Chord Academy and work with other musicians from throughout the world.

This Press Release by Stacy Stewart of Chord Magazine sums up Andrew’s work at the time and describes aspects of his music which still ring true today:

11/29/2004 This Fall is a post hardcore/screamo band straight out of Granada Hills,CA.They are ONE OF THE FASTING GROWING LOCAL BANDS in GH.Formerly known as Against The World. These guys decided,that since their style of playing has moved to the next level,and their song writing potential has excelled,that a new name would suit them better.This Fall is a mix of intense flavors including the sounds of low end groove, covered with extreme technical drumming,with a feel of a heavier influence. THE HIGH KICKIN’ HARMONIES, CATCHY CHORUSES, AND CONSTANT CHANGES IN THEIR MUSIC LEAVES YOU ENTERTAINED AND INTERESTED THROUGHOUT ALL OF THEIR SONGS. This Fall is a band that naturally avoids all cliche’ hardcore sounds(unlike other screamo bands),making This Fall a NEW AND INTRIGUING band to listen to.This Fall is currently working in Malibu on a new five track EP,including new songs such as Love’s Not Enough and As Sick As Your Secrets, with a new talented producer/sound engineer. ”
– Staci Stewart, Chord Magazine (Nov 29, 2004)

At age 15 Andrew took up piano and continued playing with 2 of his previous band members from “This Fall.” He called the new band “The Reason and The Purpose”. Andrew continued writing songs and singing with piano at the core of his songs. He recorded a number of songs during this time as his song structure grew more complex and defined.

After “The Reason and The Purpose”, Andrew began working as a solo artist and has continued to write and record songs since then. All of the experience in the previous bands helped him to develop into the artist he is today.

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